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Amazon raises monthly Prime membership fees by 20 percent

Local KSN News - Fri, 01/19/2018 - 10:36

NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon is raising the price of its Prime membership monthly plan by nearly 20 percent. The fee of $99 for an annual membership will not change, the company said Friday.

The online retailer had added the monthly payment option about two years ago as a way to hook shoppers — especially during the holiday season — who wanted faster free shipping, but didn’t want to commit to an annual fee. The Seattle-based company does not disclose how many Prime members it has.

Besides free two-day shipping, Prime members get other perks, such as access to Amazon’s video and music streaming services.

Starting Friday, new monthly members will pay $12.99 a month, up from $10.99. Qualifying college students will pay $6.49 a month, up from $5.49. Amazon.com Inc. said existing monthly members will start paying the higher fees next month.

Amazon said its $5.99-a-month Prime membership for low-income people who receive government assistance is not affected by the price increase. Amazon launched the discounted Prime membership last year for people who have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card.

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One dead, one injured in northeast Kansas car crash

Local KSN News - Fri, 01/19/2018 - 10:30

CLAY CENTER, Kan. (KSNW) – One person is dead and another is injured after a single-vehicle crash near the city of Clay Center Thursday according to Kansas Highway Patrol.

John Robert Linn, 49, of Clay Center was driving with Melissa Juleen Haas-Menard, 41, of Marysville in a 2000 Ford Mustang. Around 4 p.m., Linn was driving westbound on Broughton Road when he approached slow traffic. He tried to avoid crashing into nearby drivers causing him to swerve and lose control. This resulted in Linn driving into a ditch and overturning the car about half a mile southeast of Clay Center.

KHP’s records indicate that Linn died from his injuries, but Haas-Menard survived the crash. KHP said Haas-Menard was taken to Clay County Medical Center, but the severity of her injuries is not known.

Linn was wearing a seat belt, but Haas-Menard was not.

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Wichita man dies from injuries suffered in motorcycle crash

Local KSN News - Fri, 01/19/2018 - 10:24

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita police said a 37-year-old man is dead after his motorcycle struck a van. It happened on MacArthur Road and I-235 on Thursday afternoon around 3.

According to police, a 72-year-old man in a Chrysler mini van was turning from I-235 onto eastbound MacArthur Road when a motorcycle hit the side of his van.

The motorcycle driver was injured and transported to the hospital where he died of his injuries. He has been identified by police as Chevy Rooker of Wichita.

Authorities are still investigating the accident.

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Boil water advisory issued for Valley Center

Local KSN News - Fri, 01/19/2018 - 09:20

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNW) – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has issued a boil water advisory for the public water supply located in Valley Center.

KDHE officials issued the advisory because of a line break resulting in a loss of pressure in the system. Failure to maintain adequate pressure may result in a loss of chlorine residuals and bacterial contamination.

The advisory took effect on January 19, 2018 and will remain in effect until conditions which place the system at risk of contamination are deemed by KDHE officials to be adequately resolved.

Customers should observe the following precautions until further notice:

  • Boil water for one minute prior to drinking or food preparation, or use bottled water.
  • Dispose of ice cubes and do not use ice from a household automatic icemaker.
  • Disinfect dishes and other food contact surfaces by immersion for at least one minute in clean tap water that contains one teaspoon of unscented household bleach per gallon of water.
  • Water used for bathing does not generally need to be boiled. Supervision of children is necessary while bathing so that water is not ingested.
  • Persons with cuts or severe rashes may wish to consult their physicians.
  • If your tap water appears dirty, flush the water lines by letting the water run until it clears. Public water suppliers in Kansas take all measures necessary to notify customers quickly after a system failure. Regardless of whether it’s the supplier or KDHE that announces a boil water advisory, KDHE will issue the rescind order following testing at a certified laboratory.

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How to keep local news that matters to you on your Facebook

Local KSN News - Fri, 01/19/2018 - 08:53

Facebook is making a change in 2018 in order to help users connect with the people they care about.

The idea, according to Facebook, is to help users to connect with people they care about, not make them feel depressed and isolated.

Under the revised regime, there will be fewer posts from brands, pages and media companies and more from people.

The downside to this is that the change will cause posts from pages like KSN News to show up less on your feed that help inform you on local news stories that matter to you everyday.

There is a simple way to fix this if you want to keep seeing local news stories from KSN News on your Facebook feed.


First make sure you click on “Like” and “Follow” at the top of the KSN News Facebook page.

Next, under the “Following” tab, click on “See First”

After that, you can click on the pencil tool to the right of notifications and update more on how you see posts from KSN News on your Facebook such as Live Videos and Breaking News.

This process will work the same for all of the Facebook pages of the KSN News team that help provide local news to you everyday.

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Trump’s vulgar Africa comment morphs into tourism campaigns

Local KSN News - Fri, 01/19/2018 - 08:27

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — First, there was outrage in Africa at President Donald Trump’s vulgar comment about the continent. Now some governments and tourism operators are humorously exploiting it to promote Africa’s many attractions.

Trump referred to African nations as “shithole countries” last week during a meeting in Washington, according to several participants. The president denied using that language.

The Gondwana Collection, a private tourism operator in Namibia, has released a video featuring the southern African nation’s wildlife and natural beauty. A narrator mimicking Trump’s voice and repeating his remark invites people to visit “Africa’s No. 1” such country. He also reminds listeners of an earlier gaffe when Trump met African leaders and referred to a country called “Nambia,” which doesn’t exist.

“You can fight the negative with the negative, or you can give some pushback with the tongue-in-cheek approach,” Gys Joubert, Gondwana Collection’s managing director, told The Associated Press. “We like the fun side of life. We are glad that we could create and share and send a few smiles around the world.”

Elsewhere in southern Africa, a Facebook page promoting Zambian tourism includes an image of a vehicle in a rugged setting and a slogan welcoming visitors to “(asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk)(asterisk)hole Zambia.”

“Where beautiful vistas and breathtaking wildlife are our trump card!” says an accompanying post. It says it does not represent “the opinions of the official Zambia Tourism Agency, but that of an independent marketing site.”

Botswana’s government, which also relies heavily on wildlife tourism, has posted images on Twitter of elephants and other animals drinking in the wild of what it calls a “waterhole country.”

Botswana last week summoned the U.S. ambassador to clarify whether the country really was held in such poor regard after years of good relations with the United States.

Africa was the world’s second-fastest growing region in tourist arrivals in the first 10 months of 2017, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.


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Journey and Def Leppard will play at Intrust Bank Arena this summer

Local KSN News - Fri, 01/19/2018 - 07:14

Promising to be the Tour of the Year, two of the world’s greatest rock bands – Journey and Def Leppard – are teaming up for a massive co-headlining North American tour composed of both stadium and arena concerts, half the shows being closed by Journey and half by Def Leppard.

The tour, promoted by Live Nation, kicks off May 21st will feature complete sets and all-new production from both bands, and an arsenal of their hits such as “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” “Lights,” “Photograph,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Rock of Ages” and “Faithfully.”

The tour stops at Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kan. on July 16 and tickets will go on sale at a to-be-announced date.

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Terrifying crash caught on camera

Local KSN News - Fri, 01/19/2018 - 06:50

DETROIT, Mich. (WDIV) – Michigan State Police reminded motorists to slow down in bad weather Thursday with a video showing a crash in Detroit.

The crash happened Wednesday on a to eastbound I-96.

It shows a tow truck operator clearing a previous crash scene when a speeding car slams into the ramp of his rollback truck, into the previously wrecked car and over the truck driver’s head.

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Nickerson Madrigals to perform at Carnegie Hall

Local KSN News - Fri, 01/19/2018 - 06:29

NICKERSON, Kan. (KSNW) – The Nickerson Madrigals elite choral ensemble will go from performing in their small town of just over a thousand people, to the big stage of Carnegie Hall in the next few months.

The Madrigals were noticed by composer Francisco Nunez at a Friends University choral festival last year. Nunez invited the Madrigals to join 200-250 other students from across the nation to perform an original piece in New York City in June.

“I just think it’s amazing because we never get noticed like this, like it doesn’t happen very often. I’m just very thankful we got noticed at state and that we’re going to be able to sing at Carnegie Hall,” senior Trystan Isley said.

The group has been busy fundraising for the trip, as it comes with a cost of about $1700 per student. They’ve sold concessions at football games, candy bars and they’re performing singing valentines next month.

“There aren’t a lot of schools across the country that get to participate in something like this so we’re quite honored to be a part of it,” Scott Logan, choral director said.

GOFUNDME website: https://www.gofundme.com/NHS-Madrigals

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Laura’s Look: From spring to winter

Local KSN News - Fri, 01/19/2018 - 03:22

Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here.

Early morning temperatures are around the freezing mark. You can ditch the heavy coat before you head out the door, a warm jacket should do just fine.


This is just a sign as to where we are headed for today!


We’ll keep with a breeze tonight with chilly low temperatures in the 30s.


Even warmer by Saturday with highs tapping into the 60s, even the 70s in western Kansas.


Our next winter storm arrives for the end of the weekend. We’re still on track for a light wintry mix to transition into snow in northern Kansas though the day. This is where we’re expecting the highest snow accumulations, travel may be difficult during this time.


After looking over fresh data this morning, it appears that most of the meaningful moisture will miss the Wichita Metro. The track of this storm may change, make sure to check back with us throughout the weekend. I’ll have your forecast coming up on Kansas Today from 4:30-7. –  Laura Bannon

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Wichita ‘Knitted Knockers’ group gives back to breast cancer patients

Local KSN News - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 21:35

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A Wichita woman’s desire to give back to others is having a major impact on breast cancer survivors.

“I like doing things for people,” said Sharon Williams.

Sharon Williams is the coordinator of Wichita’s Knitted Knockers group. Knitted Knockers are soft, light weight breast prosthesis for women who have undergone mastectomies, lumpectomies and radiation, and/or are undergoing reconstruction. The group of volunteers knit or crochet the prosthesis for local cancer patients.

“It fits right inside your bra cup,” Williams said.

Williams started the Wichita group in August of 2017 after her own scare with breast cancer.

“I had breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy. They got it all so I am fine. I didn’t have to have the mastectomy and I was on Facebook and the Knitted Knockers things just popped up and so I investigated it and I thought I didn’t have to go through that, but I want to help people who did,” she said.

Williams now has 15 local volunteers who spend their free time making knitted knockers for breast cancer patients.

“I appreciate them and I think it’s a good service and if you’re not at a point that you can afford to get the final ones, I guess you could say, this is a very good substitute,” said Iva Fairley.

Iva Fairley was one of the first Knitted Knocker recipients in Wichita.

“I like the fact that they do go wherever I go. They don’t stay wherever your last place was,” Fairley explained.

Fairley, who is in her 60s, had her first mastectomy when she was 28 years old. In 2014, Fairley was diagnosed with cancer in her other breast.

“It was a little unsettling, but I have a very strong faith,” she said.

Fairley said her faith and the Knitted Knockers have both played a role in her recovery and positive attitude toward the situation.

“I just have strong faith. I just knew that it was going to be OK, that God was going to take me through it and he has,” Fairley said.

“It makes me cry. I’m kind of teary right now because it just makes me really proud that we can do something like this to help people,” Williams said.

The Wichita Knitted Knockers group has donated more than 70 sets of knockers. They work alongside Via Christi Health, Breast Care Specialists and Andover Family Medicine.

If you’d like to volunteer, contact Sharon Williams at Shariw146@cox.net or 316-201-7391.

Knitted Knockers is a national organization with volunteers all over the world.

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Dry conditions, drought play role in increased wildfire risk this year

Local KSN News - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 19:30

ROSE HILL, Kan. (KSNW) – Fire danger could be upon us.  A new study shows much of the state could see an increase in wildfires this year.

The reason, abnormally dry conditions and severe drought.

Butler County Fire District #3 is one of nine fire districts that are responsible for covering the 1,400 square miles of the county.

That area is bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island.

While things were quiet around the fire station on Thursday, Chief James Woydziak knows that might not be the case much longer.

“There was enough moisture last year that the grass grew very well and now it is all dried out and it is just a fire waiting to happen,” said Chief Woydziak.

After two years of large scale wildfires across the state, Chief Woydziak says they’ve made some upgrades.

“We’ve bought extra equipment, we’ve ordered more foam, class A foam for working on the fence posts and tree lines and stuff, they help put out the fires, we have a 55-gallon drum waiting to be delivered,” said Chief Woydziak.

Butler County Fire District #3 has a budget of about 614-thousand dollars.

That is a big part of the close to two-million dollars all the fire districts in the county are budgeted for 2018.

“We’ve had years where we’ve had fire districts run out of money and where our administration at the courthouse has had to step in,” said Jim Schmidt, Director of Butler County Emergency Management.

Schmidt says that’s why it is important for fire districts to work together.

“Almost no fire department can fight a significant grass fire on their own,” said Schmidt.

While Chief Woydziak says this fire season does pose some worries, he says they’ll be as ready as they can be to tackle the situation head on.

“We prepare every day, that it could happen today and then we hope it doesn’t,” said Chief Woydziak.

Chief Woydziak says if they get overwhelmed while fighting a fire, they can utilize help from neighboring departments.

This includes Augusta, Andover, Douglass, Derby and Sedgwick County.

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Main Street Kansas: Kinsley man turns milo into vodka

Local KSN News - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 18:53

KINSLEY, Kan. (KSNW) – The same milo often used to feed cattle could end up in your next cocktail.

A man in Kinsley, Kansas, has figured out how to turn the grain sorghum into vodka and a small business.

“Making drinking liquor from 100% sorghum grain is unique to the world,” said Tim Kyle, as he demonstrated the still he set up.

He uses milo because it grows easily in Kansas, but turning it into vodka is anything but easy.

“From when I put the grain in until it gets in the bottle takes about three weeks,” said Kyle.

Not only are there several steps to ferment the grain and then distill it, but Kyle is the only employee.

“I’m a one-man band right now because I’m the only one I can afford,” he said with a smile.

From the production of the vodka to the bottling of it, Kyle does it all by hand. He puts a label on each glass container, uses a filling machine to add the liquor, and then corks and shrink-wraps each bottle.

Even the name of the liquor, “Ornery Brother,” is personal.

“Let’s just say for the four or five generations I’m aware of, I don’t know a male in my family that doesn’t qualify,” he said laughing.

Kyle opened his micro-distillery in a once-vacant building in downtown Kinsley.

“They’re just happy we’ve taken a building that was basically abandoned in the 1990’s and are putting it back to use.”

Someday, he hopes to create a few jobs for the town.

“The help I’ve gotten from everybody in the community makes it feel much more like a communal effort instead of a one man, one guy against the world kind of thing,” said Kyle.

But right now, he can barely keep up with demand from liquor stores. With every box he sells, this “Ornery Brother” is becoming a legitimate success.

The milo vodka is now available in more than 100 liquor stores in Kansas.

If you are not a fan of vodka, just wait– Kyle is also working on a recipe for gin!

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USD 259 health services coordinator talks about lice policy

Local KSN News - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 18:03

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The parent of a Wichita school student emailed KSN because of a possible case of lice at his daughter’s school, and he’s concerned not enough is being done about it.

Thursday KSN looked into USD 259 policy.

The coordinator for health services for Wichita Public Schools says the policies have changed with lice.

She says they and other large school districts follow recommendations from the Kansas Classroom Handbook of Communicable Diseases.

A Wichita parent says she’d like to know if there’s lice in her child’s classroom.

“You may see it at home, so it’s good to be prepared I remember in elementary school being notified before,” said Natasha Creasman, Wichita.

But today the district says it doesn’t let parents know if there’s a child with lice in class.

“We do not do that, we look at that as a HIPAA violation, a lot of times kids are aware when another student has lice if we send a note home, then that is kind of bringing light to that student,” said Kimber Kasitz, WPS health services coordinator.

Kasitz says instead they have school nurses send letters home to parents several times a year about lice and how to manage it. She says after the holidays where there is a lot of head to head contact with family and friends, is a good time to remind parents of it.

“Slumber parties, close family sleepovers, everybody at grandmas house that type of thing,” said Kasitz.

Another policy change started last year with students being allowed to stay when it’s discovered they have lice until the end of the school day.

Kasitz says this is because it’s not considered to be an emergency.

“They can remain in school for the remainder of that day but they do need to be treated before they return back to school,” said Kasitz.

Kasitz says there’s no state law regarding lice, but school districts also follow guidelines from the Kansas Department of Health.

Kansas doesn’t require children to be nit free before returning to the classroom. But the lice does need to be treated and students cannot come back with it the next day.

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Breitenbach speaks out in court, trial date is set

Local KSN News - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 17:01

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A trial date has been set in the case of the Wichita man accused of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl last year.

Today, the DA and the defense decided on a trial date, but before that could happen, the suspect in the case had a lot to say.

Corbin Breitenbach is charges with attempted first-degree capital murder. Wichita police say he broke into an apartment, choked a 7-year-old girl to unconsciousness and then sexually attacked her in June.

Today in court, Breitenbach filed two motions. One saying his council was ineffective and not doing enough to win his case.

“Where Jason Smart told me that I wasn’t a Cadillac of interest of defense, it just shows that he is not ready to provide me with the defense that I need, not that I need the Cadillac of defense, but just that he’s willing to state that shows he’s prepared to cut corners,” said Breitenbach.

In the end, the judge denied Breitenbach’s motions. His trial is set for April 16.

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Brownback’s ambassador nomination approved by Foreign Relations Committee

Local KSN News - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 16:40

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s nomination for an ambassador’s post was approved Thursday by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Brownback is one of dozens of officials who was renominated last week by President Donald Trump after Democrats refused to allow their nominations to roll over into the new year.

Brownback was first nominated last July to become ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom but the nomination was opposed by Democrats and LGBT groups.

Under the Senate’s rules, an appointee who has not received a confirmation vote by the end of the year must be nominated again unless senators agree unanimously to carry the nomination into the following year.

Brownback’s departure would elevate current Lieutenant Governor Jeff Colyer as the next governor of Kansas. His nomination now goes to a full senate vote for approval, the same place where his nomination was stalled at the end of last year.

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WPD officer, retired KHP trooper among men under investigation

Local KSN News - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 16:04

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) – Federal prosecutors are accusing several current or former law enforcement officials, including a two former Wichita police officer of obstruction of justice for their roles in identifying a suspected undercover officer who was investigating illegal gambling.

An indictment unsealed Thursday charges Brock Wedman, Michael Zajkowski and Bruce Mackey with obstruction of law enforcement. Wedman was also charged with lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Michael Zajkowski and Bruce Mackey are both former WPD police officers.

Court records do not indicate whether the men have attorneys.

Prosecutors allege Wedman and an unindicted co-conspirator owned an illegal gambling business that involved five or more people and grossed more than $2,000 in a day.

The charges stem from a February 12, 2014, poker game during which the three men allegedly used police department resources to determine the ownership of a vehicle driven by a player suspected of being an undercover police officer.

KSN reached out to the U.S. Attorney’s office and the department tells up these indictments are a ll part of an ongoing investigation.

KSN has also learned a retired highway patrol trooper, Michael Fredericksen, of Derby, is charged with towo counts of making false statements to FBI investigators. The indictment says he was filmed taking part in an illegal cash poker game in 2014, when he was still a trooper and lied to federal agents about being at that poker game.

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Fake parking tickets issued in McPherson County

Local KSN News - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 15:14
The pictured parking citation is a fake, according to the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office. (Photo courtesy McPherson County Sheriff’s Office)

MCPHERSON COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – The McPherson County Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to double-check any recent parking tickets they may have been issued.

According to the department, a fake parking ticket was issued to a resident in McPherson county recently.

The department shared photos of the fake and urged residents to contact the department by phone or in person if the validity of a parking ticket is questioned.

The fake ticket was issued by “Deputy 221” who does not exist with the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office.

The pictured parking citation is a fake, according to the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office. (Photo courtesy McPherson County Sheriff’s Office)
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Parents of 13 children charged with torture

Local KSN News - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 13:23

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Latest on the case against the parents of 13 children found malnourished, some chained to furniture, in their Perris, California, home (all times local):

11: a.m.

The parents of 13 malnourished children found in alleged captivity in Southern California have been charged with committing years of torture and abuse and could face up to life in prison.

Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin announced the charges against 57-year-old David Allen Turpin and 49-year-old Louise Anna Turpin at a press conference Thursday.

The two are scheduled to make their first court appearance later in the day.

Authorities say the situation came to light early Sunday when a 17-year-old daughter climbed out a window of their home, called 911 and showed deputies photos that substantiated her story. Deputies found some of the children chained to furniture when they entered.


11:29 p.m.

The grandparents of 13 starved and tortured children say their son’s family looked happy and healthy when they last visited California six years ago.

Betty and James Turpin of Princeton, West Virginia say they were in shock when they learned of the arrest of their son David Turpin and his wife, Louise Turpin this week.

They told the Southern California News Group that their grandchildren all called each other “sweetie” when they visited their home in Murrieta, California six years ago, and none of them appeared malnourished.

Betty Turpin says her son told her he had so many kids because God wanted him to. She says her son shared her Pentecostal Christian faith but he wasn’t affiliated with a church in California.

David and Louise Turpin are expected to make their first court appearance on Thursday.

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Pratt man guilty of child sex crimes

Local KSN News - Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:52

PRATT, Kan. (KSNW) – A Pratt man pleaded guilty to two counts of child sex crimes, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said.

Matthew T. Gamblin, 38, pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated criminal sodomy and one count of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. The crimes occurred between October 2014 and May 2015.

Judge Francis E. Meisenheimer accepted the pleas in Pratt County District Court. Sentencing is scheduled for February 26 at 10:30 a.m.

The case was investigated by the Pratt Police Department.

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