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Larry Steckline - The Steckline Report                   
Mon - Sat 7:20am and 11:45am

Big D & Bubba Award Winning Morning Show -          
Weekdays 5am-9am


Real Country with Todd Taylor & Friends -                  
Weekdays 9am-2pm


Rockin Rick on The Rockin' Ride Home -               
Weekdays 2pm-6pm & Saturdays 2pm-6pm

Gentle Ben -                                                       
Weekday Request Show - 7pm

Todd Taylor -
Saturdays 6am-2pm                                                                              

Sundays 8am
Sundays 10am
Sundays 12pm-2pm

Honky Tonkin With Tracy Lawrence -           
Sundays 6pm-9pm


Call Letters/Ownership

KWLS-FM/107.9 is an independent, local radio station, licensed to LS Media, Inc., which is wholly owned by Larry Steckline.

KWLS-FM/107.9 plays Country Songs of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000's. During these decades, country music grew in popularity and became the most listened to music on radio. You’ll know the songs we play on 107.9 and will sing along with most of them as you listen. Plus, we mix in plenty of songs that are part of the Country Music landscape, from Texas to Bluegrass, Americana to Cowboy and Western.

KWLS-FM/107.9 broadcasts with 50,000 watts of power in stereo.

KWLS-FM/107.9 broadcasts from the highest tower allowed by the Federal Communications Commission with 500’, giving it one of the largest signals in south central Kansas. We cover 8 counties between Kansas and Oklahoma, with listeners and sponsors from Ponca City to El Dorado and from Cheney and Wichita to Winfield and Ark City.

Dial Position:
Turn right! KWLS-FM is located at the far end of your radio dial at 107.9.

Administrative Staff

Mike Theobald - General Sales Manager  

Cathy Deitchler - Accounts  

Teresa LaCoss - Traffic  

Todd Taylor - Programming/Promotions/Production  


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